Thursday, September 07, 2006

NFL Picks? Oye, como va, Tito! The Open isn't even finished yet! And I don't even have the teams straight from the last division reshuffle. Herewith some bits of wisdom from the guy not paying attention.

Pittsburgh: Don't even think about it. Last year was a fluke. Look for Big Ben to be a little less Terry Bradshaw, a little more Bubby Brister this year.

Legacy QBs: Manning's going to finally have that huge, breakout year they've always talked about. Problem is, Eli's going to have it. Peyton will be relaxing at home again in January.

T.O. Watch: Week 2, he brings explosives on the team flight to the first baway game. Spends next 11 games in Gitmo.

Big Bust: Anna Nicole Smith. And the Patriots will follow their MLB counterparts into a slump.

Won't Read This Anywhere Else Dept.: A well-known network football analyst, by week 6, uses the words "Arizona" and "Cinderella" in the same sentence.

For what it's worth, fellas. Now, tennis:

Took Eno Jr. to the tennis courts this afternoon to work on some basics. (He gets the standard kick serve, but he's still working on the American twist.) Actually, I'm glad to see him getting it over the net. When he gets a good hit he calls himself "Little Rafa." He was very sad to see Nadal lose, but he likes Roddick's chances. Can you believe that shit? If he didn't have my exact ears, I'd suspect the milkman.

I don't see any of them beating Federer this year.

For the ladies, I'd love to see Jelena pull off the upset. She's spitting out seeds like she's eating watermelon. And honestly, Sharapova's not an order of magnitude better than the pair of seeded Russians Jelena's already sent packing. Getting past Henin will be the harder match.

As for Mauresmo, I don't know. I'm the guy, after all, who thought she'd fold up like a cheap lawn chair at Wimby. I still think the right player can jangle her nerves pretty easily. Maybe Jelena's the one.

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Razor said...

"Little Raffa" ?? Maybe the guy who delivers your paella should be the suspect. I like Nadal the person, but I don't like the player. At least his shorts are actually beginning to look like shorts. Good riddance.

Watched the Blake implosion last night. Not pretty. The crowd got him to win the 3rd, but he had more set points that he blew than any player should rightfully receive. Poor showing Blake. I'm afraid he's going to turn into Malavai Washington (I'm not trying to be racist, but I am being racial, as McEnroe noted last night that this was Blake's turn, given he's playing in Arthur Ashe stadium.....ehhh, excuse me??). Blake needs a better first serve -- he gets far too few aces and first serves in.

It was good seeing Serena go down to Mauresmo. It wasn't pretty and I suppose that's fitting for someone who finds tennis an interesting diversion from her true love of eating...okay, that's mean....her true love of designing ugly outfits to lose in. Maybe Mauresmo is for real, but like Eno, I had her folding by the Quarters at Wimby so what the hell do I know?