Tuesday, August 01, 2006

We interrupt this broadcast...: ...to bring you news that TMQ is back in the mix over at ESPN. He had posted once or twice earlier around draft time, but now that football preseason is nigh, it seems like the right time to get the ol' juices flowing again. [and what the hell is Easterbrook doing back at ESPN -- I mean really....does he wear out his welcome that fast? First Slate, then ESPN, then NFL Network, now ESPN again -- I can't figure it out. But at least he's writing again.]

Anyway, to celebrate the return of football, as well as the return of me to the ol' Blog, I suggest we make our annual bad predictions in three weeks hence (this should give even Flyer enough time to step away from the 4-iron and put some thought into the NFL) in the following categories:

1. Conference Winners and Wildcards
2. Superbowl match-up and winner.
3. Week of the first T.O. disciplinary action
4. First coach to get fired and when
5. Reggie Bush -- boom or bust?
6. First QB to get benched.
7. Team to most spectacularly fail to meet consensus pre-season expectations.
8. Team to most spectacularly exceed consensus pre-season expectations.

Okay gents, start your engines.

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enobarbus said...

Who are you again?