Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A different take on Joe: From Radley.
Good riddance.

He has a lot to say about the war and the Bush administration as well, but overall it's good old fashioned Libertarian cynicism about politicians in general, which is a spirit I can get on board with easily, even if I have a different position on the war and a kinder view of Lieberman. I think there's a place for guys like him, dignified and reasonable, even if they are too tightly linked to preserving a status quo, bloated federal government. Guess I'll never make it as Libertarian.

I liked this line at the end, though:

More incumbents need to lose more often. From both parties. The position of federal politician should be a short-term privilege, not a career.


enobarbus said...

I'm glad Radley's writing his great stuff about the police and civil liberties. It's important stuff, and what he finds always amazes me.

Also, it keeps him from his lectures on no-dissent-tolerated libertarianism, especially as regards foreign policy His arguments on such too often assume bad faith, or at least equate support for the GWOT with idolotrous love for G.W. Bush.

Flyer said...