Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Cup of Joe? I think our readers (both of you) know how I feel about Joe Lieberman. But I'm still hoping for a Ned Lamont victory in Connecticut tonight. Why? Because it's so bad for the left. Every responsible Democrat has endorsed Joe, because they too know that Lamont and the Kos Klub weaken the party severely.

Honestly, I like Joe a lot. I disagree with him in so many, many ways, but he has really shown some spine this year. That said, I win either way. Either I see Joe winning the primary, and likely the election; or I see Lamont the instant lame duck as the Dems' candidate. The party will not back him, Lieberman will run as an independent, and the most likely outcome will be a split Democratic vote and a moderate Republican in the office. And whither Joe? He'd be awful good cabinet material for a lame duck president with 2-plus years to burn.

So, odd as it may sound, I cry, "Go, Ned, go!"

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Flyer said...

I just find the whole thing hilarious. If you listen to Rush, Ann Coulter, Sean Hannity etc. you'd think they were defending Tom Delay or Bill Frist. I understand they're defending a good guy who's at least a principled opponent of their party and someone who has refused to sell out on the war (he has not, that I've noticed, "backed Bush" to any large extent, just allowed for the possibility that Bush is not Hitler, we had good reason to go into Iraq and it's possible to stay there till benchmarks and goals have been reached rather than withdraw at some date picked out of a hat).

I like Joe and could see myself supporting him if he ran for president in '08 as an Independent (I don't get to vote in Democratic primaries in states I don't call home - MY VOICE IS NOT BEING HEARD). But it's just laughable that they've ridden out on a rail a guy that has a 90% vote rating on party lines and they nominated to a heartbeat from a heartbeat from the presidency 6 years ago. And the media writes editorials about disarray in the Republican ranks.