Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Too Wiki by half: This seems just a little too clever.
What is allows political party members -- the voters
themselves -- to determine the agenda or platform
of a political party, establishing a non-binding form of democracy at the issue
or plank
level rather than simply at the candidate level.

Who can

During the testing phase (which is now), only registered voters in
California are allowed to use

How do I

There are two primary ways to participate: (I) review the planks
that have been suggested for inclusion in your political party's platform and
take a position -- ratify, oppose, or abstain -- on these planks; (II) propose
new planks for your party's platform.

There's more to read, but it doesn't look like there's any participation yet. And that's probably a good thing. Can you imagine the violence that could ensue in trying to pass any plank in the Libertarian Party platform?

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