Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Deck Chair Speaks ... Then Weeps: Tony Snow gave his first official conference (not to be confused with the May 12 "gaggle") and he proved once and for all that he's a much better actor than McClellan or Ari ever were.

And no, I don't mean his pretending the NSA is not spying on American citizens. No, it was his emotional crying fit at the end when mentioning his health and remembering his mother's death from colon cancer. Puh-lease, Ton-loc, is this the start of a trend for you? Ari had his death stare, McClellan, the deer-in-the-headlights freeze, now Tony, crying for mercy? Not buying it.

Props for the Muskie comment however.


Flyer said...

I caught the video of the briefing and he is really startled by the question, which you don't get in the trasncript. It was a genuine "moment."

And I don't think Helen Thomas wants to sit in that deck chair again anytime soon.

Razor said...

Flyer -- don't be a stooge. That was a plant by the Admin.

Flyer said...

I know it's tough to believe that Helen Thomas is still living, but calling her a plant, as though she were already in the ground is rude, even by my standards. I mean really, Raz.