Thursday, May 12, 2005

Oh, Blah: Frank Deford sucks off Andy Roddick for giving away a point.
After [Fernando Verdasco] hit deep on the second serve, the line judge called the ball out and Roddick had the match.

Only, Roddick refused to accept the point. Verdasco's serve had nicked the line, he said. Stunned, the umpire let Roddick overrule him. Verdasco then fought back, held serve, won the set and then the match.

Whatta guy! I have written on this blog about witnessing Sebastien Grosjean and Pat Rafter do the same thing (Rafter on a number of occasions). Nobody from Sprouts Illustrated fawned over them, since it wasn't an American. In fact, nothing in the sports world really matters until a Yank does it.

We're talking, after all, about the so-called premier sports magazine that hasn't run a serious word on Grand Prix racing in thirty years. Plenty on NASCAR, though. Folks, that's like pushing aside coverage of professional hockey in favor of curling.

By the by, I will have more to say about Roland Garros after the draws are announced. The actual tournament overlaps with the closing on my new house, so Razor may have to pick up my regular beats: wooden racquets, Ashley Harkleroad, and which multi-vowelled name will go on the men's trophy this year.

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Razor said...

Don't forget playing long wool pants and breaking for tea if the match goes too long.

Oh, and SI writes plenty about F1 -- as long as Michael Schumacher is prominently involved...