Wednesday, February 26, 2003

"Time is Running Out.": Hans Blix, Jr. was quoted as saying in response to questions from pool reporters in Baghdad. Carrying on where his father left of 22 years ago, Mr. Blix's latest report is believed to carry a strongly worded chastise aimed at Saddam Hussein that if he does not give back Qatar, he faces the possibility of his long range catapults (200 meters) being confiscated. Now in his 58th year of rule, the reclusive Hussein [insert AP pic of Hussein circa 2013 - last known picture] has maintained his iron grip over Iraq, including the recently annexed, former sovereign nation of Qatar, and shows no signs of breaking under the latest and 93rd resolution to be issued by the United Nations (currently comprised of France, Germany and Syria) that he must allow tour groups from Disney to inspect the presidential palaces. Comments from President Santorum were not available at press time.

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