Friday, February 14, 2003

Oddity: I'm seeing a lot made of this fairly meaningless story. Why? I'm not trying to get off on a media rant here, but the headline misleadingly lends credence to the general idea that "inspections are working" as the French might put it. Why should we care about some stuff that was already quarantined and marked for disposal? What about all the other stuff? I don't buy this idea that Iraq has just been sitting quietly in the corner since it last kicked out the inspectors. Why push the UN weapons authority out of Iraq if you're going to comply (all of a sudden) with their demands? I think we need to send some 60 Minutes-style investigative team into Baghdad. They get the goods on Ford, Phillip Morris, etc. I'm sure Saddam's regime can't be much better organized in its deceit than an American corporation.

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