Thursday, February 06, 2003

Another look at Secretary Powell's Presentation: Powell: Okay, is everybody here? People, please. We'd like to get started. Could you all just take...yes Kofi, we will need the slide projector. Yes. The remote is broken again? Okay, could you just stand over by it and when I do this *motioning with finger* you go to the next one, okay? If you see any that are upside down just ...right...you got it. Okay, settle down. Right, now this first one shows unequivocally that Iraq had this truck next to this oil barrel in October and nowww...Kofi .... it's gone. Just gone.We're told it was overdue for inspection. Right. Iraq worrying about overdue inspections. *Chuckle* Right, *motions*. This next slide shows these two [makes motion with fingers] "soldiers" -- no Kofi, that wasn't the signal...back please -- talking and in the next slide *motions* you can blatantly see the guy-on-the-left's mustache practically falling right off. What a cheap disguise kit. If Iraq can afford these highly anodized aluminum tubes (we're talking aluminum here people), you'd think they could get better spy get-ups. Obviously, we can't trust these people. Okay, this one...hmmm, oh, ha-ha, must be Rummy playing a joke. Right, good one. I think my legs look in good in bermudas, but I can see that is not universally shared by everyone in this room, notably France. Moving on. You can see ...


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