Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ten Worst Automobiles Today: From The Truth About Cars, here are the worst automibiles available for sale in the United States during 2006, as voted on by their readers anyway. My favorite review, of the Subaru B9-Tribeca:
Subaru execs may have been stony-faced when TTAC described the front end of
their new SUV as a “flying vagina," but at least they didn’t turn to stone.
Given the unrelenting hideousness of the Tribeca’s design– from its genital
front end to its fallopian dash to its alien eyes rear end — they should count
themselves lucky. The fact that the B9 is also slow, thirsty and cramped proves
that repulsiveness can be more than skin deep. Why Subaru felt the need to enter
the SUV segment when it offers such a wide range of superb four wheel-drive
sedans and wagons is anybody’s guess. Clearly, they shouldn’t have bothered. -

Sadly, but not surprisingly, the Subaru and a Saab are the only non-Big Three models to make the list. So way to go, guys. How about a little help from the Uncle?

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