Wednesday, November 01, 2006

More Kerry: Okay, I'll stop after this, but I just read a little bit of the coverage of this deal for the first time today. First, Jonah Goldberg's post here is just absolutely perfect:
....The guy thinks he can be president and he thinks he's doing what the
"fighting Dem" base wants him to do. The problem is he has basically radiated
himself with the isotope Asinine-90 and the only way the rest of his party can
protect itself from radition poisoning is to sequester the guy in some lime-pit
for 10,000 years until his asininity half-life deterioates to managable levels.

Second, you can read Kerry's statement a few different ways, admittedly. I honestly still believe though, that he was making the statement, speaking to a bunch of students, that if you don't work and study hard you won't have a whole lot of options in life and you'll wind up screwed by The Man and sent to fight a war you don't believe in, like him. I honestly think if he had intended to zing Bush a child could have written a more manageable line than the one he spit out.

And besides, for all the flak Bush takes for his malaprops, if that's what this was by Kerry, he should be roasted for this one like never before. It's the king of flubbed lines, knocking anything Dan Quayle said off the podium.

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