Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Shout Out: Hats off to Radley, now on staff as a senior editor at my favorite magazine, Reason. I was so pleased, I cranked my subscription up another year to celebrate.

Hey, let me tell you my Reason story while we're here. When I first subscribed (back in the Postrel years), they messed up my order and I didn't get the special offer of the moment -- a free book of some sort, I don't recall which. Anyhoo, I complained, and they were all out of stock on the book. So they added three -- count 'em: three -- years to my subscription. My first thought: Are these guys really capitalists? But they understood the investment, and I've never let my subscription lapse since then, even as New Republic, National Review, Connie, Weekly Standard, and others came and went, turned old and boring, or got predictable. So subscribe already, fer chrissake!

As for Radley, he was the first blog FauxPolitik linked to back in Dickety-two, and certainly the first blog with more than four readers to blogroll us. He'll bring a fresh perspective to the magazine, too, since he's one of only a handful of pro-life libertarians I know of -- a position I admire for its sheer sail-into-the-wind balls, even if I don't agree.

So raise a glass of your favorite liquid refreshment before the neo-prohibitionists get you (an IPA here, please), light a smoke while you still can (make mine a Camel, no filter), throw on your well worn vinyl copy of Slow Turning (whaddya mean you don't f*cking own Slow Turning?), and join me in wishing him the very best.

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Flyer said...

Cheers! Reason's been on my "to subscribe" list for some time. 'Bout time I pulled the trigger.