Monday, October 23, 2006

Casino Royale: I know, I know. Thrashed equine, etc. But just watch the trailer. This one just feels different.

Note: Yes, I realize the nearly unforgivable sin of making Bond play Texas Hold 'Em in a tuxedo. It's gonna be hard to overcome that. But, just maybe...

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enobarbus said...

Well, Americans are just too dumb to figure out what's going on if they play chemin de fer.

Maybe I'll see it, since the last semi-reboot (For Your Eyes Only) was the last one I enjoyed. Granted, 'Eyes' wasn't introducing a new Bond or attempting to go back to the beginning. It was, however, a return to the old values (sadism, cold-war chauvinism, etc.) that got lost amid the wry martini jokes.

It remains the best Bond since (ready the heresy alarm) On Her Majesty's Secret Service -- also a semi-reboot, and itself better than the bloated late Connery garbage.