Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Would You Mind Repeating the Question? I got my latest DNC push poll/money grub letter today, and I set out in earnest to make sport of it, but several others beat me to it. Doesn't it get tiring having your party treat you like a halfwit all the time? I mean, let's face it: for a so-called party of the people, Democrats think Americans can't spell cat if you spot them the c and the t. (Thus you get electoral outcomes, as in 2004, where Democrats claim that Americans are too dumb to pick a president "correctly"; some bonehead on a liberal call-in show last week admitted that he favored impeachment "or a coup." That's capital-D Democrats for you.)

Anyhow, the apocalyptic rhetoric in the (ahem) "survey" is as bad as in an Emily's List mailing. First comes the state-of-dire-emergency warning: "We must hold the line," it says, "against the radical, mean-spirited agenda of George W. Bush . . ." Hmmm. Radical used to be a compliment on the left. And "mean-spirited"? Isn't that whole "Democrats are nice/Republicans are cold-hearted evil bastards who want to push granny down the stairs" thing getting a little stale?

Then come the questions, which are by turns stupid, misleading, or wholly irrelevant. For example:

Do you think scientists and doctors should be allowed to pursue stem cell research for the treatment of Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, diabetes and spinal cord injuries and other tragic conditions?
Not a word about federal finding, just the idea that you're either for tragedy or agin it. How about this agree/disagree head-scratcher.
A balanced budget is more important than a federal tax cut.
Well, considering that a Democratic congress has not in my lifetime offered us either one, I'll take "Reject the Premise" for $500.

No doubt the GOP survey will be along any day now. I can't wait.

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