Tuesday, April 04, 2006

By The Way: Former Liberian "president" Charles Taylor wants you to know that he's as innocent as the day is long.
The former Liberian president initially said he could not plead on the charges, which stem from his alleged role in Sierra Leone's civil war, because he did not recognize the court. Taylor faces 11 counts of helping destabilize West Africa through killings, sexual slavery and sending children into combat.

But after Justice Richard Lussick insisted, Taylor said calmly: "Most definitely, your honor, I did not and could not have committed those acts against the sister republic of Sierra Leone."

Given that this is an international tribunal he's facing, I'm pretty sure he'll be totally exonerated, escorted home in triumph, and quickly "re-elected." Much the same fate would await Saddam Hussein had he been lucky enough to fall into the briar patch of international justice.

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