Monday, February 05, 2007

Is it over yet - the requisite Super Bowl XLI post: I don't have the initiative to look up our pre-season picks and predictions, so I'll just assume I completely freakin' dominated and got everything 110% right. I know I picked the Colts to win the championship, and they did, so the rest is meaningless anyway.

But my god, what an awful game. I'm sure Enobarbus didn't watch it (sports are best appreciated through the print medium, eh Eno?) so he was spared the meltdown of Chicago's pathetic offense. Indy's running D was bad, giving up some big gains, but they held when it mattered. Of course, when Grossman is flingin' it around you can pretty much stack the line and let the corners cover two or three receivers apiece.

Manning played ok, but not nearly well enough to deserve the full fellating he got from SteveYoung on ESPN last night (or this semi-fellating from John Clayton). He's got his ring and the legacy is safe, but he simply didn't need to be very good for them to win. If Indy's success this year proves anything it's that smart, safe, conservative football wins in the end. Boring, workmanlike efforts don't make for great highlight reels, but every team will be copying Tony Dungy's strategy next year. I predict an NFL season as enjoyable as a Soviet winter in 2008.

Our only hope is that the Bengals can stay out of jail long enough to lead a revolution. Really, with the turnover in coaches, a bunch of young, unproven QB's, the flame out of any team that takes Terrell Owens and Indy winning the Super Bowl, it won't be pretty. Cincy, New Orleans, Green Bay (Favre will always keep things exciting, till the day he plays with a walker) - they'll be among the few standouts. Oh joy!

Oh, and what was the deal with Prince, anyway? I'm not sure why every year we get another halftime performance from an act at least 10 years past their prime (although McCartney still rocked two years ago). Janet Jackson, The Rolling Stones, Prince. And can I say how much I hate medleys? Who came up with this idea? Seems like a leftover from the 1970's Variety Show era, something the Brady's or the Osmonds would have done every week. And did Prince sell the rights to his own songs, forcing him into lame renditions of Proud Mary and All Along The Watchtower? And the Foo Fighters? Who the hell covers the Foo Fighters?

At least I didn't watch the pre-game opening act. Cirque de Soleil, oh my! I think Roger Goodell is out to ruin my life.



Razor said...

You might want to double-check your SuperBowl prediction:

Flyer said...


Selective memory I guess. Really thought I'd picked Indy. Why you gotta hate like that, anyway?

enobarbus said...

Shit, I knew I picked a Manning as MVP. Turns out I picked Eli.

I did watch a bit of the game -- enough to know that Peyton performed quite well given the conditions on the field, and that once the Colts found their rain tires, the Bears were thoroughly outclassed.

Prince continues to confuse, but the choice of "Purple Rain" was fortuitous. And how did nobody get electrocuted on that stage?