Wednesday, January 24, 2007

SOTU: Okay, I'm going to get back into the swing of things here. I've had some personal issues to work out, mostly related to having a new job and all, so apologies all around for being completely (well, nearly so) absent for the past two months.

Flyer -- nice comments on Vodkapundit by the way. I figure if Stephen is back, then so am I. And yes, the Supremes have always had to sit on their hand to show how "impartial" they are to the policy points put forth by the Prez that they will end up tearing into little pieces within a few years. Although I'm pretty sure Scalia was biting through his cheeks on the healthcare talk -- or maybe that was just the remains of his panacotta; either way.....

I think others remarked on this: the Prez seemed beaten (and I guess in a way he was). I was ready for him to come out and say: "And as for the War in Iraq -- I was wrong." and then watch Cheney tackle him, whip out his hunting shotgun, declare W unfit to serve, and announce that he was in charge and henceforth habeas corpus is hereby suspended and a curfew is announced -- temporarily of course.

But somehow, Bushie kept it together enough to stay to his utterly un-inspiring talking points. You know, the SOTU has been in a slow decline for the past, oh 50 years, and it's now to the point where I don't see the point. No president would dare ever say that the Union's state is anything but strong -- even when it's barely getting by on broken rims and the tailpipe is dragging. Moreover, the Constitution requires only that the President inform Congress what is shape of things, not introduce NBA players as model citizens -- although I would have paid money to hear Mutombo give the Democratic response. Here's a much more thoughtful review of the devolution of the SOTU.

Here is the short version: "The State of the Union is Kentucky. Once China goes off the dollar, we're all done for. The Military is completely confused, undermanned, and without morale. Social Security will bankrupt whatever is left, but hey, isn't that Baby Einstein something? I get a little confused watching those tapes, but Cheney says his daughter is buying them left and right in anticipation of her giving birth to the Anti-Christ, so there must be something to them. Ethanol = teh awesome. Madame Speaker, you may now drive this Country into the ground. Thank you and God (you know, the good one) bless America."


enobarbus said...

Love your short version.

Would be great if Bush delivered it like that. Imagine a snarky 2-minute SOTU would go over pretty well.

Flyer said...

Wow, good to see you back Raz. Sorry I haven't kept up the pace around here, but I too have been busy outside the blogoshpere. Details to come later.

SOTU, so awful. Why, bother when everyone has the other team's playbook already. Christ, the speech is distributed so far ahead of time it couldn't predict the weather. I say no sneak peaks, then the prez can throw some surprises in there that the "loyal opposition" respond to with poll-tested sound bites.

Only one more of these, right?